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Who are we?

Dancing Bear is a Danish mailorder shop based in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. We advertise and do business only via the internet. Our many faithful and satisfied customers are living in Denmark, as well as several other countries within the European Union.
We do NOT ship outside the EU. Not because we don't want to sell stuff, but because re-export is cumbersome and only adds to the price. We believe that deadheads from outside the EU are better served by dealing directly with the official DEADNETSTORE in the USA.

Bjørn Lindstrøm, Fredskovhellet 24 st.th, 3400 Hillerød
feedback#dancingbear.dk (insert @)
Phone (6-8 P.M. local time):
(+45) 26781600
Banking info:
Danske Bank (9570) account # 1-690-3310
IBAN: DK59 3000 0016 9033 10

 What is our mission?

Dancing Bear wishes to be known as the safest, cheapest and most reliable European purveyor of the comprehensive Grateful Dead music and merchandise catalog.

We offer our European customers all the benefits of shopping locally:

  • competitive and transparent prices
  • low postage & handling rates
  • simple and safe payment procedures (SWIFT, direct bank transfer, credit card, even cash)
  • consumer protection according to Danish legislation and EU standards
  • fast and personal customer service via e-mail

We want to promote knowledge and appreciation of The Grateful Dead and their music throughout Europe. See "The Dead Files" (the menu on the right), our regular - more or less - newsletter, and our on-line Q&A service Ask Dancing Bear.

Data- og privacy protection

Dancing Bear strives to fully comply with the EU Data Protection Directive. Read on ... here.


Competitive prices

Dancing Bear sell only by mail-order on a pay-before-dispatch principle. This means that our retail prices don't need a safety margin to cover a large stock, shop, sales staff, theft, or bad debtors.  

Turnaround time

All private parcels from outside the EU are opened and inspected by the national Customs authorities, causing a considerable delay.

Like other commercial operators, Dancing Bear imports are processed swiftly and efficiently by the Danish Customs and Postal service. We usually receive, repack and resend the goods within two working days, and, once inside the EU, the final delivery is as fast as your local postman can manage.

Postage & handling

The P&H fee depends on the order total and whether we shall ship outside Denmark.
See the postage table.


Soon after having entered your on-line order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with attached invoice. The invoice states the total amount (in DKK and Euro) and the account number to which you must transfer the payment. You are kindly requested to effect the funds transfer inside of 14 days after receiving the order confirmation/invoice.

Since some banks charge excessive rates for funds transfer, we also allow cash payment in Euros or your local currency. You can also pay by credit card.

Sorry, we don't take personal cheques.

Important! Don't forget to write your name and the Order No. in the space reserved for "Message to recipient", or words to that effect.

See additional business conditions


Dancing Bear Records originated in 1999, the brainchild of a couple of longtime Danish deadheads.

For years we had tried our hand in purchasing Grateful Dead CDs, T-shirts and other merchandise by mailorder from the U.S. The shipments usually made it into our hands after months of fiddling with order forms and International Money Orders, although the interminable days and weeks of waiting took their toll.

In 1995 www.dead.net was launched - a giant step for Deaddom. We put the Online Shop to good use although we still had some grievances, particularly the Postage & Handling fee which forced us to wait until we had piled up a large backlog instead of getting the new albums right away.

Finally, we decided to do something about it! Dancing Bear is based on a patently obvious principle: Moving retail distribution to the European side of the Atlantic, thereby making things easier and cheaper for European heads who would like their Grateful Dead music to come in small but frequent doses.

How to find us

You already found our website www.dancingbear.dk, our main line of communication. The fastest way to reach us is by e-mail to feedback#dancingbear.dk (insert @)

Our offices (no retail) are located at the address found at the bottom of the page.


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