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Conditions of sale

Enter your order on-line with the Dancing Bear Shop. When the order is confirmed, we will e-mail the invoice and payment instructions to you. Please transfer payment within 14 days to our account: Danske Bank, (branch 9570) 1-690-3310

Methods of payment
All prices are cited in Danish Kroner (DKK) as well as in Euro.

You can transfer the payment directly via your local bank or post office. Or just send us cash (Danish currency or Euro)

You can also use an international credit card (VISA or AmEx) with transaction processing by PayPal. Read more here.

Please make sure to cite the Invoice no. as well as your name, since this is the best way to ensure that the payment is recorded correctly.

Delivery time
All orders are processed as quickly as possible.

Non-delivery of ordered items
Ordered items temporarily not in stock will usually be identified on the invoice. Such items will be delivered as soon as possible at no additional cost to the customer. If the item is not expected to be stocked again, or if you indicate to us that you don’t want a later delivery, we will notify you of the outstanding amount which will be repaid or credited to your next order, whichever you prefer. You may also substitute other catalog item(s).

Faulty or damaged goods
Should any item at the time of delivery be suffering from production faults or externally induced damages for which the recipient cannot be blamed, we ask that you return the item to us securely wrapped, preferably in the original container. We will deliver a replacement free of charge.

Return policy
Dancing Bear Shop operates under Danish consumer protection laws. Consequently, you have the option to return your purchase (or parts thereof) and have your money back, provided you mail the goods to us within 10 days from the day you received it. Likewise, you may request a replacement with other catalog items within a time limit of 30 days.

The returned goods must be unused and undamaged. Please wrap safely, preferably in the original container. The return postage will not be refunded.

Information about resolution of complaints
A complaint about an item of merchandise or a service can be adressed to the online complaints portal of the EU commission. This is particularly relevant if your residency is in an EU member state other than Denmark. Your complaint should be sent here - http://ec.europa.eu/odr. The complaint must include our e-mail address - postmaster@dancingbear.dk.

Declaration of intent
Dancing Bear is commited to delivering the best in Grateful Dead music and merchandise, with outstanding and consistent service and dedication to our customers’ needs. Should any grave differences of opinion arise, however, all legal proceedings should be relegated to the Civil Court in Hillerød, Denmark.


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