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How to use the Dancing Bear Shop

Locate items

Find the item you want in the catalog and click the shopping basket in the "Buy" field.

A new window will open with a pre-filled e-mail message: just add your Name, Address, and Payment preferences, and the e-mail is ready to send.

Repeat the procedure for each additional item, or just add the item numbers and descriptions to the e-mail body. You can revise the order even after you have sent the e-mail; just send your revision or cancellation in an additional mail, and we will work it out before we send the order confirmation to you.

Each order - which may consist of several e-mails - will be carged a Postage and Handling fee.

Please note: If the pre-filled e-mail feature doesn't work with your computer set-up, please send an e-mail to orders#dancingbear.dk with the information stated above. (Substitute # with @ before sending!)

Payment instructions

Within 24 hours (or less) we will confirm the order by e-mail and append the invoice copy. Please transfer payment to the bank account specified on the invoice within 14 days. If you choose Bank Transfer from a bank outside Denmark, a bank transfer fee (see prices here) will be added to your invoice. Please note: There may be an additional fee payable to your bank, depending on local rules.

You can also use your VISA or American Express credit card. A transaction fee of 4% will be added to the order. You will receive an e-mail from PayPal with further instructions regarding payment.


If you experience any difficulty using the Dancing Bear Shop or if you have suggestions that might help us provide better service, please tell us about it. feedback#dancingbear.dk is open around the clock, and we will try to respond within 24 hours.

Information about resolution of complaints

A complaint about an item of merchandise or a service can be adressed to the online complaints portal of the EU commission. This is particularly relevant if your residency is in an EU member state other than Denmark. Your complaint should be sent here - http://ec.europa.eu/odr. The complaint must include our e-mail address - postmaster#dancingbear.dk.

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