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What is CD-subscription?

"CD-subscription" is Dancing Bear’s automated music delivery system for all lovers of live Grateful Dead music.

The subscription covers new live releases, both 2-track and multitrack remixes.

The subsciption does not cover DVDs, solo projects and other one-shot releases and box sets. These releases must be ordered the regular way.

All new releases are announced in the Dancing Bear Newsletter as soon as we get wind of them.

Sign up here

Be the first one on your block

Dancing Bear keeps track of all new releases. We keep a daily watch of the official Grateful Dead website as well as other internet sites and newsgroups. This way we are able to order the CDs on the day of release. And, once we have them in our hands, they are on their way to the subscribers by the next working day. It can hardly get easier – and certainly not faster - than that.

How it works

There is a sign-up fee of DKK 325. After receiving your sign-up by e-mail, we vill send you a confirmation/invoice for the sign-up fee.

The fee also covers pre-payment of the first new release after we have received your sign-up fee.

Enclosed with your CD album is an invoice which you must pay within 14 days. This is necessary for you to retain your membership, so that we may pre-order new releases on your behalf.

How to cancel your membership

Nothing could be easier: You don’t have to do anything. If the invoice isn’t paid (after you’ve received a friendly reminder), you’re out. No written notification needed and no hard feelings. You can join up again at any time, of course, by repeating the sign-up procedure.

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