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Cool Grateful Dead links
Only the very tip of the iceberg – but a great tip, nonetheless!

The official home page of the Grateful Dead: www.dead.net
Comprehensive site with many exciting, permanent features such as "Tapers' Section", "Jam of the Week", "Greatest Stories Ever Told", "Grateful Dead Hour", and of course "The Deadnet Store". Plus recurring features "30 Days of Dead" (in November) og "The Dead Covers Project" (in February). Highly recommended.


DeadBase is, of course, the invaluable book that helps us keep track of which songs were played at which show, where and how. The DeadBase website, unfortunately, is no longer active, but some of the functions have been transferred to Dead.net (/Archives). The books are also sold here, as well as on Amazon.com and Dancingbear.dk.

Grateful Dead on Facebook:
Get the latest news and rumours and chat with deadheads from all over the world.

The Bear:

Owsley Stanley, a.k.a. Bear, was a LSD-manufacturer, soundman for the Dead, record producer, graphics designer, and much, much more. Even though this legendary figure passed away a few years ago, his website lives on.

GD Lyric and Song Finder: https://www.whitegum.com/intro.htm
Didn’t catch the mumbled lyrics? Can’t recall which song has the line ’Wake of the flood’ in it? How many cover songs were sung by Pigpen? Find the answer to these questions and more at the nifty Song Finder site. Interesting fact: Alex Allan, the deadhead who developed this site, is IT-advisor to Tony Blair and former British High Commisioner in Australia!

Grateful Dead Songlists:

This is the place to find chords and guitar tab notations to all original songs by the Grateful Dead, the Jerry Garcia Band and other spin-off bands. Used to have all the cover songs too, but they were removed at some point to avoid copyright problems. Also numerous dead-related chat forums.

The Annotated Grateful Dead Lyrics, by David Dodd: http://artsites.ucsc.edu/GDead/agdl/
Another great site of a somewhat academic nature. David Dodd is a professor of English litterature at UCSC, and the core of his site is a thorough analysis of metaphors and textual references in (eventually) all songs written and recorded by the Grateful Dead. There is also a fascinating collection of essays (some more obtuse than others), about specific songs and various aspects of GD imagery.


TømrerClaus, Danish guitar player in numerous sixties' bands, sells (mainly) psychedelic and other sixties' music on his site. Also hippie-type clothing, beads, smoking paraphernalia, etc. etc.

The background story
about the beatnik and hippie cultures in and around San Francisco in the fifties and sixties, which were the breeding ground for The Grateful Dead and countless other bands. A very good resume - there is even an English version if you can find it - the webmaster is a bit of a jester!

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