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Data Protection Policy

Dancing Bear has always been adamant to store only the absolutely necessary data about our customers. Namely those that are required to receive, invoice and ship your order, as well as to send out our newsletters. We do not have an online customer file on the website. Therefore,you don't need to log in with username and password before you can shop. You may have wondered why the "system" can't remember your address from the last time you placed an order, but now you know why.

About data protection:

The customer data we need to store is:

Name and mailing address (for billing and shipping)
Email address (communication about your order, as well as newsletters) Phone (if the customer does not have an email address)
Preferred Payment Form (Bank transfer, Credit Card, Giro Card, Cash)
Order history (5 years to comply with customs and tax regulations).

Customer data is stored at Dancing Bear on a password protected off-line computer. The invoice (order confirmation) with the customer's name and mailing address, is sent as a PDF document attached to an unencrypted email. A printed copy (delivery slip) is included in the package at delivery.

About payment:

Our prepayment policy means that we do not need to know anything about your credit cards or other financial data. It's only a matter between you and your bank (or Paypal, which is like a bank).

About newsletters:

We use the Mailchimp service to send newsletters. Here we can also keep track of how many people read them, and you can unsubscribe from future newsletters if you wish. For that purpose, Mailchimp stores a registry with names and e-mail addresses.

About cookies:

Briefly: We do not use them! Therefore, we can not trace your movements on the website, we do not know where in the world you are, which computer and browser you are using, etc.

Other uses of Data:

We do not sell information about our customers. If there was a need for another use of customer information, for example, a chat room where customers can talk together, we would of course first ask for your permission. (Or you could use the Dancing Bear group on Facebook!)

If you have questions about any of this or have a complaint, feel free to write to
Dancing Bear c/o Bjørn Lindstrøm (data manager)
Fredskovhellet 24, st.th.
3400 Hillerød

or email feedback#dancingbear.dk (substitute the #).

Other redress options: www.datatilsynet.dk


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