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Grateful Dead Discography 1967-1989

Ordered by release date. For a listing by show date, go here.

(all serial numbers prior to 1990 refer to original vinyl issue)  

The Grateful Dead, Warner bros.WS 1689, 1967
(CD139) - 50th anniversary edition, 2017 (CD490)

Anthem of The Sun, Warner bros. WS 1749, 1968

Aoxomoxoa, Warner bros. WS 1790, 1969

Live Dead, Warner bros. 2WS 1830, 1969 (double album)

Vintage Dead, Sunflower/Polydor, 1970

Historic Dead, Sunflower/Polydor, 1971

Workingman’s Dead, Warner bros. WS 1869, 1970

American Beauty, Warner bros. WS 1930, 1970

Grateful Dead ("Skull & Roses"), Warner bros. 2WS 1935, 1971 (double album/1cd) (CD132)

Europe ’72, Warner bros. 3WX 2668, 1972 (triple album)

History Of The Grateful Dead (Volume one): Bear’s Choice, Warner bros. WS 2721, 1973 (CD134)

Wake Of The Flood, Grateful Dead GD-01, 1973

Skeletons From The Closet/The Best Of The Grateful Dead, Warner bros., 1974 (double album/2cd) (CD135)

From The Mars Hotel, Grateful Dead GD 102, 1974

Blues For Allah, Grateful Dead GD-LA 494, 1975

Steal Your Face, Grateful Dead GD-LA 620, 1976 (double album/2cd)

Terrapin Station, Arista, Sparty 1016, 1977

What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been (The Best Of The Grateful Dead) Warner bros., 1977 (double album/2cd)

Shakedown Street, Arista AB 4198, 1978

Go To Heaven, Arista AL 9508, 1980

Reckoning, Arista Darty 9, 1981 (double album/2cd)

Dead Set, Arista A2L 8606, 1981 (double album/2cd)

Dylan And The Dead, Columbia 463381 1, 1989

In The Dark, Arista AL-8452, 1987

Built To Last, Arista AL-8575, 1989




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