Donna Jean Godchaux Band:
Back Around

CD430 - 1 CD
Heart of Gold Records, 2013

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Donna Jean Godchaux Band w. Jeff Mattson:
Back Around

What a great album Donna and her band have created. The production is terrific and the songs well written and conceived. The performances are off the charts--Jeff Mattson is a superb guitar player and every one of his solos and licks on Back Around are 5 star. He is also co-writer of a couple of tunes on this album with Donna Jean Godchaux and shows his talent as a songwriter as well as a performer.Donna Jean's voice has never sounded better than it does right now! The title song, Back Around, is so good everyone should hear it. All the extra musical touches on this album--from banjo and tabla touches to the legendary Muscle Shoals Horns--make this a very special record indeed, And their description of Muscle Shoals Soul meeting San Francisco Psychedelia is very apt. Form the deep southern feel of a song like Delta Jubilee to the 60's psychedelia of Darkness Darkness, to the sheer rock out of 19th Nervous Breakdown to the R&B of Don't Fight It, there is something for everyone on this CD.
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  1. Don't Ask Me Why
  2. Back Around
  3. 19th Nervous Breakdown
  4. Don't Fight It
  5. Darkness Darkness
  6. Delta Jubilee
  7. She Said She Said
  8. Crazy Fingers
  9. Stranger Things