Dave's Picks 2022 Subscription Grateful Dead archival release series

Dave's Picks Volume 41, 42, 43, 44 + 2022 Bonus Disc


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Dave's Picks series - 2022 subscription

The Dave's Picks series continues in 2022 (and beyond).

Welcome to The Eleven(th) year of the Dave's Picks series! The momentum of the series keeps moving forward, and we can truly say there is no end in sight to the series. As we've said before, as long as you keep digging and supporting the series, we'll keep putting them out. Which is to say a huge thank you for keeping the series going! We do what we do because of you, and you keep inspiring us to do our best. And above all, you make it fun! As odd and challenging a year 2021 was, we were able to release five (!) incredible Grateful Dead shows in 2021 through the Dave's Picks series, starting with the magnificent Vol. 37 from 4/15/78, to Nassau on 9/8/73, the Spectrum on 4/26/83, and most recently 7/18/90 AND 7/19/90. Plus a healthy amount of bonus material where it would fit and where appropriate. Oh, and the subscribers' Bonus Disc from 9/7/73 that came with Vol. 38. As great as the four from 2021 were, we're already feeling 2022 will outdo it, and we've only selected Vol. 41 and Vol. 42 so far, as well as a lot of progress toward Vol. 43. But that's all for another time. For now, please know how much your enthusiasm means to us. We get as excited as you do every time a Dave's Picks is released. So thanks for coming along for the ride, and sharing the journey with us. We have a wonderful year of Grateful Dead archival releases ahead, and we can't wait to share it all with you.

David Lemieux
October 2021

Is there anything better than the Dead automatically showing up at your door four times a year? We think not. We're holding steady with a numbered, limited-edition of 25,000 for each of the four Dave's Picks 2022 releases. If you're new here, in addition to the four releases in 2022, totaling a minimum of 12 CDs, you’ll also get the subscription exclusive bonus disc, which remains one of the most highly sought-after collectables we release.

Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases
Highly Collectible Bonus Disc
Released in February, May, August, and October, 2022