Grateful Dead:
Anthem Of The Sun
Re-issue of second album (1968)

CD521 - 12" picture disc
Rhino, 2018

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Grateful Dead: The Grateful Dead (1967)
12-inch vinyl picture disc - deluxe anniversary edition

This is one the most thrilling albums the Grateful Dead ever produced, mixing portions of live recordings from the first six months of Mickey's tenure with the band, along with studio experimentations that would hint at where the Dead would go when they started recording to 16-track tape the following year. The 1971 remix, produced in order to make the album more accessible to the newer fans who were brought on board with WORKINGMAN'S DEAD and AMERICAN BEAUTY, has been the most commonly heard version for the past 45+ years.

Picture disc, back

1971 Remix
1. “That’s It For The Other One”
I. “Cryptical Envelopment”
II. “Quadlibet For Tender Feet”
III. “The Faster We Go, The Rounder We Get”
IV. “We Leave The Castle”
2. “New Potato Caboose”
3. “Born Cross-Eyed”
4. “Alligator”
5. “Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks)”

Also available as 2CD, with original mix + 1971 remix + bonus live concert (10/22/67)