Robert Hunter & Comfort:
Friend of the Devil

CD459 - 2 CD, 3/18/78
Echoes, 2016

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Robert Hunter & Comfort:
Friend of the Devil, Live in 1978

The Grateful Dead s lyrical visionary Robert Hunter was enjoying a solo career with various collaborations in the Dead hiatus of the late 1970s. His decision to help out old friend Rodney Albin and his band Comfort resulted in a collaboration that although brief, was sufficiently inspired and re-ignited Hunter s musical career. A projected album Alligator Moon never materialised and only snapshots of it make it to the stage, but it was an ambitious project that illuminates the senses at work here. Comfort opened for the Jerry Garcia Band from February through to May 1978 where they performed their last ever show at My father s Place NY. As Comfort weren t a signed band, it s amazing that this performance ever made it onto the air and as such, it s an especially valuable piece of the Dead history. Echoes proudly presents the entire original WHFS-FM broadcast of Robert Hunter and Comfort live from Warners Theatre, Washington DC on 18th March 1978. Considering the band s brief existence, it makes this rare broadcast a highly valuable addition to the Grateful Dead chronology.

Number of Discs: 1
Label: Echoes

Track list:

1. Rose Of Sharon
2. Rum Runners
3. Tiger Rose
4. Battle Of New Orleans
5. It Must Have Been The Roses
6. Wild Bill
7. Let Me Go (Out Into The Valley)
8. Keys To The Rain
9. Cruel White Water
10. Last Flash Of Rock And Roll
11. Talking Money Tree
12. Friend Of The Devil
13. Promontory Rider
14. Boys In The Barroom
15. That Train