Dave's Picks 2016 Subscription Grateful Dead archival release series

Dave's Picks Volume 17, 18, 19, 20 + bonus disc - 2016

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Dave's Picks series - 2016 subscription

The Dave's Picks series continues in 2016.

Our trusted friend, David Lemieux, still has plenty of goodies up his sleeve - he just doesn't know yet what they're all going to be! However, here's what he has to say about Volume 17, due in February: "...and because we just can't contain our excitement, we will use this here spot to announce that Dave's Picks Vol. 17 is the complete show from July 19, 1974 at Selland Arena, Fresno, CA. Plucked from the Wall of Sound era, this one sees the band doing very big things including a 30-minute "Playing In The Band," a phenomenal "Scarlet Begonias," and "Weather Report Suite" with lots of great improvisational moments as well as a "Seastones" set. 7/19/74 has been on our shortlist for quite sometime and we can't wait for you to hear it mastered to HDCD specs."

All Dave's Picks releases are mastered from the original tapes by Jeffrey Norman and include an informative and fun booklet containing notes about the show and archival photos.

Four Limited Edition, Numbered Releases
Highly Collectible Bonus Disc
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Delivered in February, May, August, and October, 2016