Old & In the Way: Live at the Record Plant
Broadcast from the recording studio, 4/21/73

CD433 - 1 CD
Klondike, 2014

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Old & In The Way: Live at the Record Plant, Sausalito, CA,
recorded 21 April, 1973

CD Liner notes:
Jerry Garcia's brief sojourn from the Grateful Dead allowed him time to explore a personal affection for bluegrass music. Combining a traditional genre with a contemporary approach, Gardcia joined forces with like-minded Bay Area musicians to form Old And In The Way. His involvement naturally brought an element of notoriety to the band that would inevitably help in securing the legacy they enjoy today.

Of their occasional performances in California in 1973, their performance for KSAN-FM on 21st April 1973 at the Record Plant, Sausalito, remains possibly their finest. Klondike's retrospective spotlight on Old And In The Way and their seminal performance for KSAN-FM provides a valuable snapshot of their ability to provide improvisational and contemporary fare coupled with the respect for traditional bluegrass music that the band sincerely guarded.

01. (end of) Going to the Races
02. Willow Garden
03. Kate Hill
04. 'till the End of the World Rolls 'Round
05. Panama Red
06. Hard Hearted Heart Breaker
07. Bonaparte?s Retreat (Soldiers Joy)
08. Wild Horses
09. Lost in a World Without You
10. Knockin' on Your Door
11. Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
12. Fanny Hill
13. White Dove
14. Land of the Navajo
15. The Blue Mule

Peter Rowan Guitar, Vocals
David Grisman Mandolin, Vocals
Jerry Garcia Banjo, Vocals
Richard Green Fiddle
John Kahn Bass
Source: Stereo FM Radio Broadcast > Unknown > R2R > Teac 4070G (1970's)