Grateful Dead:
Sunshine Daydream

CD414 - 3 CD + DVD or BluRay
Rhino records 2013

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Grateful Dead: Sunshine Daydream
Springfield Creamery Benefit, 8/27/72, Veneta, OR

Previously unreleased Sunshine Daydream concert film featuring gloriously remastered picture and all new stereo and 5.1 audio mixes done by Jeffrey Norman at TRI Studios.

"The rock music group Grateful Dead is scheduled to perform at a 'potluck picnic' Sunday, sponsored by the Springfield Creamery." Eugene Register-Guard

A "rock picnic." The Field Trip. Kesey's Creamery. August 27, 1972. The Springfield Creamery Benefit. Call it what you will, the sun was beating down hard and bright on that fateful day in Veneta, Oregon when the Grateful Dead heeded Ken Kesey's call to help save the family Creamery. The 100-degree and rising temperatures did not deter the band who were still riding high from their adventures across the pond. It did not discourage filmmakers John Norris, Phil DeGuere, and Sam Field who gained entry into the Dead's tight-knit world with their promise to capture the culture and integrity of the scene. And it certainly didn't inhibit the estimated 20,000 Dead Heads who could not believe their, well, pot...luck.

In fact, this blistering day turned out to be a near-perfect little piece of the Grateful Dead experience and it is with great pleasure, that 41 years later we can present Sunshine Daydream to you the way it was meant to be seen and heard. As Prankster Ken Babbs puts it in the liner notes, this previously unreleased concert film "is a time capsule, a vessel full of exuberant free spirit as exhibited by the enraptured, edified, and satisfied concertgoers, a spirit that can still resound, that can still fill our hearts with joy, with compassion, with that sense and knowledge of our oneness, our open sharing and caring and the belief that the goodness inherent in all of us will continue to shine just as it did in Veneta, Oregon, in 1972. And will prevail." And prevail it does, with its pristine sound and beautiful visuals, the band transporting the audience to other-worldly planes with definitive versions of their beloved songs like "Bertha," "China>Rider," "Playing In The Band,""Greatest Story Ever Told,""Dark Star," and "Sing Me Back Home" and the Dead Heads in their wild and, quite literally, naked glory.

A exclusive, this "most requested" and "most revered" show is limited to 12,500 individually numbered copies on DVD. Presented in an original tie-dye slipcase by Courtenay Pollock, the set also includes 40-page book with in-depth essays by David Lemieux, Sam Field, Johnny Dwork, Ken Babbs, and Nicholas G. Meriwether. Pre-order it now.


Disc 1
1. Introduction [4:01]
2. Promised Land [3:24]
3. Sugaree [7:30]
4. Me And My Uncle [3:16]
5. Deal [4:55]
6. Black-Throated Wind [7:01]
7. China Cat Sunflower> [7:58]
8. I Know You Rider [7:03]
9. Mexicali Blues [3:49]
10. Bertha [5:59]

Disc 2
1. Playing In The Band [19:57]
2. He's Gone [9:32]
3. Jack Straw [5:06]
4. Bird Song [13:17]
5. Greatest Story Ever Told [5:36]

Disc 3
1. Dark Star [31:28]
2. El Paso [5:04]
3. Sing Me Back Home [10:51]
4. Sugar Magnolia [8:45]
5. Casey Jones [6:25]
6. One More Saturday Night [5:03]

DVD Mastered by Grammy® winning engineer David Glasser at Air Show Mastering
The complete 8/27/72 concert CD mixed and mastered to HDCD from the original 16 track tapes by Jeffrey Norman
Audio tapes transferred and restored by Plangent Processes EXCLUSIVE TO DEAD.NET VERSION:
Bonus documentary "Grateful Days" featuring brand new interviews with Mountain Girl, Sam Cutler, Wavy Gravy, Ken Babbs, and more
40-page book featuring original essays by Nicholas G. Meriwether, Ken Babbs, Sam Field, Johnny Dwork, and David Lemieux
Original tie-dye slipcase by Courtenay Pollock
Illustrations by Steve Vance

Individually Numbered, Limited Edition of 12,500