LIVE DEAD, the Grateful Dead photographed by Bob Minkin

AM486 - 2014


LIVE DEAD, the Grateful Dead
photographed by Bob Minkin

Preface by Tom Constanten
Foreword by Steve Parish
Introduction by Blair Jackson

A rare and different tune
-If every Dead Head could assemble their own personal dream photo album/scrap book, it would look like this book. You can feel the energy jumping from this volume, both by what the lens has captured on one end and what the photographer felt on the other end. As a friend who just received it said "when i thumbed through it i felt like i had come home." And it is home, for many of us. Amazing photos. And a great coming of age story as Bob Minkin goes from high school shutterbug and print peddler to maccomplished artist and professional photo-historian. One who made it thru and over the wall into the world of the Dead to share with those of us who would only dream of the places he has been and images he has brought home for us. a sea of works about the Grateful Dead there is new light shed here. A rare and different tune !!
(reviewed by Eric Schwartz on

This really is a fantastic book. Bob's pictures are amazing. There are a lot of great pictures from the 12/29/77 -12/30/77 Winterland run. I always dug Jerry's style in the 70's. There were tons of pictures I never saw before. Any Dead Head would be happy to own this book. Well worth buying.
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Hardcover: 240 pages
Publisher: Insight Editions, Div of Palace Publishing Group, LP
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1608874745
ISBN-13: 978-1608874743
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